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August 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

August General Meeting: Monday, August 17 at 7pm Via Zoom

August seems to be flying by, and campaign season is in full swing! Our General Meeting will take place on Monday, August 17 at 7pm. We will discuss the 2020 campaign, voting in Rhode Island, and the ins and outs of volunteering for campaigns.  Agenda will be provided this weekend. Zoom link will be provided THE DAY OF the event in the afternoon.  Facebook event link:


Our Website:

The official Rhode Island Democratic Women's Caucus website is now live! We have completed all the ins and outs of a site since our "soft launch" a few months ago, and we now have an official website. Visit us at


Are You Signed Up to Our Mailing List but Not Receiving Our Emails?

Some people have reported that they're not receiving our emails in their Inbox and only able to view our communications via the links we post to social media. Here are some actions you can take to ensure you receive our communications directly to your inbox:

  • Add "" to your email contacts to ensure delivery

  • Search for "" in your email search box, then drag any email from us into your Inbox. This will "teach" your email carrier where to send our communications.

  • If these steps do not work, please message us at to double check that we have the right information for you. 


Further Updates from the Caucus 

  • Our Fall Fundraiser is just around the corner! Stay tuned for more information! 

  • Save the Date! DATE CHANGE! The next book club meeting will be on Saturday, September 12 at 8pm. Join us for a "Girls Night In" to discuss the next book club title! We will meet via Zoom to discuss the very handy book, "The All New Don't Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate" by George Lakoff. This book is all about how best to make your point in political discussions. This will be helpful to candidates, campaign staff and volunteers alike as we head full swing into election season. 

  • Please note: Until further notice, all Women's Caucus meetings will be held either entirely remotely, or--should restrictions on larger group gatherings be eased--as hybrid in-person/remote meetings. 

2020 Election News


RI Democratic Women's Caucus 2020 Endorsed Candidates

At our previous meeting, we unveiled the RI Democratic Women's Caucus 2020 endorsed candidates. We are so excited to support these remarkable women! Make sure you follow our Facebook page, as we share their campaign volunteer opportunities and more information about the candidates. One of our greatest strengths as a Caucus is our numbers. There are hundreds of us. If we all took actions steps to help these candidates into office, we will make a BIG impact this election year.  Here is what you can do:

  • Volunteer - phone banking, text banking, lit drops (dropping off door hangs, palm cards and other candidate literature), and canvassing (from a social distance)

  • Donate - large and small dollar donors add up and make a big difference 

  • Follow, like, and share all these candidates on social media

We will also review our list of male candidates who we recommend for support in the 2020 election at the upcoming General meeting.


Rhode Island Voter Information Center is the centralized website for checking your voter information. Use it to disaffiliate from a political party, find your elected officials, see who filed a declaration of candidacy in your community, see upcoming election information, and more. __ es la página de internet centralizada donde puede verificar su información de votante. Úsela para desafiliarse de un partido político, encontrar a sus funcionarios electos, ver quien ha presentado una declaración de candidatura en su comunidad, ver información de las próximas elecciones y más.


Other Important Information

TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Complete the 2020 Census Online 

The Census is VITAL Make sure you have compeleted yours, and make sure your friends have as well!

Complete the 2020 Census Online:  and encourage everyone to do so! Census data is used to extend billion in funding for hospitals, school lunch programs, Medicaid & resources needed every year, especially in uncertain times like now. Make sure everyone in your home is counted!


Coronavirus Information

We want to express our infinite gratitude to those who are working so hard during this public health crisis, especially all the essential workers. To everyone doing their best to adapt to the current, temporary "normal," we are grateful, and we are there with you.

Please stay as safe and as healthy as possible, and make sure to take care of your mental health as well. 


Maintaining healthy relationships is critical to weathering the pandemic: OpEd

Caucus Member Megan Carnaroli has an OpEd in UpRise RI discuss how she and her family intend to navigate social interaction during the pandemic. She made the above graphic to help with the conversations we need to have with each other on feeling safe around one another if or when we choose to interact in person:

Every individual or household unit has made choices about their levels of exposure, but families and friend groups all over the country are splintering because once we’ve made those choices, we don’t have a simple, objective way to categorize ourselves. So I made one.

More on this concenpt and its useful application at



  • RI State Coronavirus resources:

    • The state's Coronavirus hotline is 401-222-8022.

    • For mental health concerns, please call 401-414-5465.

    • The website is

  • Sign up for information from the governor's office: 



Upcoming RI Democratic Women's Caucus Meetings

(all in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice stay tuned for information on these and other events)

  • Mon, Aug 17 

  • Mon, Sep 21

  • Wed, Oct 21

  • Tue, Nov 17

  • Wed, Dec 9

  • Mon, Jan 25

  • Thu, Feb 25

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