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Support the Gender Inclusive Restroom Bill

H5741 is a bill that will make single-stall restrooms in buildings of public accommodation gender inclusive. The bill is being heard in the House tomorrow, Monday, May 3, 2021.

Submit Written Testimony

We are asking you to submit written testimony in support of this bill. Written testimony may be submitted via

Indicate your name, the bill number, and your viewpoint (for/against/neither) at the top of the message. Due to high volume, clerks are not screening this inbox for verbal testimony requests. The inbox is for written testimony only. For faster processing, it is recommended that testimony is submitted as a PDF file.

DEADLINE: Written testimony should be submitted no later than three (3) hours prior to the posted meeting time. Every effort will be made to share written testimony submitted before the deadline with committee members prior to the hearing. Testimony received after deadline will be sent to committee members and posted to the website as soon as possible.

Talking Points (from LGBTQ Action RI)

  • This bill would mandate that all single stall restrooms in buildings of public accommodation (hotels, restaurants, government buildings, etc) are labeled as gender inclusive

  • Gender inclusive single stall restrooms increase safety and reduce the risk of harassment or violence for trans and non-binary Rhode Islanders

  • Gender inclusive single stall restrooms support dignity and respect for transgender and non-binary Rhode Islanders and reduce the worry and anxiety associated with public restrooms.

  • Parents with children of a different gender benefit from this bill as they can go into any restroom with any gender child

  • Rhode Islanders who require a caregiver of a different gender to assist them in the restroom, due to disability or age, benefit from this bill as they can go into any single stall restroom as well.

  • Everyone gets to use the restroom more quickly this way!

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