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  • Samantha Weiser

ALERT: Call to Testify Against Abortion Restrictions!

This Friday, the House Judiciary committee will be hearing 6 anti-abortion bills! These include House bills H5037, H5582, H5552, H5579, H5865, and H5996. The full bill text is linked here, and there are shorter descriptions towards the bottom of this message.

If you want to testify against these anti-choice bills, you can sign up online HERE. THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP TO TESTIFY is 4pm, Thursday, April 8th. If you’ve never given virtual testimony before, you can find a quick guide on the process here: Guide to Virtual Testimony.

If you’d like some more guidance, you can find a sample script to testify against these bills linked here.

You can also submit written testimony before 12:00 on April 9th by emailing Indicate your name, bill number, and viewpoint (for/against/neither) at the top of the message. It is recommended you submit as a pdf (Instructions on saving a Word as a PDF and saving a Google doc as PDF).

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