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The Women's Caucus mission is to inspire and support women and individuals who identify as women to work towards building a more equitable democracy.  Our work focuses on these goals:

  • increase the the number of of women in elected roles and leadership positions in the General Assembly 

  • increase women’s participation in civic engagement and policy decision-making  

  • be a collective voice to amplify individual women and influence issues important to women 

  • promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Increase number of women underrepresented in elected office and public policy areas 

  • advocate for democratic principles consistent with the Democratic Party platform


While there has been great progress in increasing women's representation in the last decade, more work needs to be done.  There is not yet equitable representation of women at important decision-making levels affecting women’s lives.


Join us as we strive to create a community for women to gather, connect, learn and work towards making positive change in RI! Together we can make a meaningful impact          

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