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Tentative Schedule for the 2021 Women's Caucus Monthly General Meetings

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Meetings begin at 7pm and will occur over Zoom and streamed live to our Facebook page, unless otherwise stated. Meetings occur during the third full week of the month on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Dates subject to change.

  • March: Mon, 03-31-2021 (please note date change from March 22)

  • April: Tue, 04-20-2021

  • May: Wed, 05-19-2021

  • Jun: Wed, 06-23-2021*

  • August: Thu, 08-26-2021

  • September: Tue, 09-21-2021*

  • October: Thu, 10-21-2021

  • November: Mon, 11-22-2021

  • December: Mon, 12-20-2021*

*may be moved to in-person

General Meetings Will Continue Via Zoom Even After Restrictions on Large Gatherings Are Lifted

One of the many lessons learned from the pandemic is that we are fully capable of conducting needed business via videoconferencing. We learned that having our general meetings online meant that our members could join the event more easily; no transportation needed, no babysitters, etc. Even if someone couldn't make it into the Zoom, they could view on Facebook Live. And if that wasn't possible, the entire event could be viewed later in our video archives. With that in mind, the Executive Committee has decided to keep our General Monthly Meetings online, even after group gathering size restrictions are lifted.

However, the pandemic and its subsequent restrictions on large-sized gatherings has shown us how much we enjoy face-to-face interaction, and how it is a meaningful and important thing for groups like ours. Therefore, we will resume in-person events, once restrictions on them are lifted, and hold them on a quarterly basis. These events will be either be combined or in lieu of general meetings, and include other types of events, like fundraisers or other celebratory gatherings, similar to our December 2019 meeting.

The posted schedule is subject to change or to be adjusted to add in-person events in lieu of the Zoom meeting. We will update accordingly. Follow our Event page and our Facebook page for specific details, closer to each event.

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