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Endorsement Process for Upcoming Special Elections

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

We are currently accepting feedback from Voting Members of the RI Democratic Women's Caucus on the RI State Senate District 3 candidates who have applied for an endorsement from the Women's Caucus. Voting Members of the Caucus, please check your email for information on how to give your feedback on the candidates and the endorsement.

If you did not receive the email asking for your feedback and you are a Voting Member of the RI Democratic Women's Caucus, please email us at and we will work with you on getting you the necessary information.


Candidate Information

The primary for the Special Election fill the newly vacant State Senate District 3 seat is on Tue, October 2. The following candidates have applied for an Endorsement from the Women's Caucus. Follow the links to view their candidate information, questionnaire responses, and other information, where applicable.

(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Video of the Candidates' Night - Online Sep 9 via Zoom


Timeline for Endorsement Process for Upcoming Special Election

  • Thu, Sep 2: Endorsement applications due from Special Election Candidates

  • Thu, Sep 9: Special "Meet the Candidates" Night via Zoom

  • Sun, Sep 12 - Fri, Sep 17: Voting Members of the Caucus provide feedback to the Executive Committee regarding the candidates (Voting Members will be emailed a form to complete)

  • Sat, Sep 18-Mon, Sep 20: Executive Committee reviews all materials regarding the candidates for endorsement and vote on which candidate to endorse*

  • *Tue, Sep 21 - Endorsement Announced at Regular General Meeting

*Depending on circumstances, the Executive Committee may decline to endorse any candidate for the special election.


A Note on the Endorsement Process

From our special Candidates' Night, our application questionnaire responses, and the additional campaign information available, one thing is very clear: the people of Rhode Island State Senate District 3 are very fortunate to have so many quality candidates running to represent them. (Which is good, since whoever wins obviously has very big shoes to fill!)

Because the possible choices for this race are all impressive in various ways, a number of members have approached us about declining to endorse in the primary. This is always a possibility for every race, whether in a primary, general, or special election, and the Caucus has chosen this option previously. We will consider it in this primary, as well, after we hear from the voting members, review all the information we have, and meet to discuss the endorsement as an Executive Committee.


And congratulations to our now-former state senator Gayle Goldin, who resigned her seat in RI State Senate District 3 in order to work in President Biden's administration as a senior adviser in the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau. Thank you for all you've done and best of luck in DC!

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