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ALERT! Action Needed for the Equality in Abortion Coverage Bill

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The Senate Judiciary just scheduled the Equality in Abortion Coverage bill for a hearing ON MONDAY, APRIL 26th at 3PM. They are trying railroad us and make it so fast that we can’t take action. WE NEED YOUR HELP. We need to FLOOD THEM WITH CALLS AND EMAILS!!!


We are planning a phonebank for Sunday night from 6-8pm. You can RSVP to to this event on Facebook or on our website Event page. Even if you aren't sure you can attend, mark yourself "Interested" on the Facebook event, and share the event, so we can get the word out. For the phonebank, we will provide the call lists and the script.

2) Sign up by 4pm on Sunday to do virtual testimony, Mon, 4/26.

It’s easy. Fill out this form: to sign up to testify in support of S267. We can even provide talking points. See our Guide to Virtual Testimony for step by step instructions on how to testify. Folks who need further help can contact

3) Make ONE call TODAY.

Call Senate Judiciary Chair Cindy Coyne (401-276-5583). Urge her to get this bill passed out of her committee.

Sample Message: “I am calling in support of S267. Many people in our state are struggling to get by. We should not make it worse by taking away affordable access to abortion care. Please, do all you can to pass this bill this year and get rid of harmful bans on health coverage for abortion. We hope you will also oppose the anti-abortion attacks being heard in your committee.”

4) Send an email RIGHT NOW to committee members.

Sample message: I am writing to urge you to vote YES on S267, the Equality in Abortion Coverage Act when it comes before you on Monday, April 26th. Rhode Island voters pushed to protect the right to abortion. This bill make sure that state employees and low-income people can afford care by getting rid of discriminatory bans on health coverage for abortion. Please, support this important legislation. I hope you will also vote NO on S645, S664 and S669, bills that push nasty rhetoric about abortion and try to limit access to care. We should eliminate barriers to health services, not make it harder to get.”

It will only take a moment – please, send an email TODAY!


If you can testify, awesome! If not, please at least make ONE phone call and SEND an email to the committee members TODAY!

They are trying to take away our voice in the process, but we won’t let them. We will do what we do – rise up and speak out for what’s right.

Thank you to our friends at The Womxn Project for sounding the alarm and getting the word out!

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