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Updates on Efforts to Ensure Fair Redistricting in Rhode Island

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Latest Update: Tomorrow, Thu Sep 30, they will be meeting at 6 pm at the CCRI Newport campus. While the Commission won't be releasing maps until they have finished these meetings, the Commission needs to know people are watching. Please attend if you can.

Preliminary schedule for meetings. These are not final yet:

  • 10/4 Woonsocket HS auditorium

  • 10/7 URI Brookside Hall

  • 10/14 Smithfield HS auditorium

  • 10/18 Providence Career & Tech School

  • 10/21 CCRI Warwick student center

  • 10/25 Bristol Mt. Hope HS auditorium

  • 10/28 Cumberland HS auditorium


At our August General Meeting, John Marion of Common Cause Rhode Island reviewed the redistricting process in Rhode Island, and what concerns might arise from the current Rhode Island redistricting commission, officially called the "Special Commission on Reapportionment."

The Women's Caucus issued a press release, outlining our expectations for a fair and representative process. In addition to this action, there are other measures you can take.

Events in Support of Fair Redistricting

More actions and news will be coming out as this process moves along, so make sure to follow our social media (Twitter and Facebook), and follow Common Cause Rhode Island (Twitter and Facebook), as this situation develops.

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