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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Celebrating Her Life, Mourning Her Loss, and Fighting for Her Legacy

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Last night we learned of the death of one of America's truly great heroes, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What she has meant to so many of us is infinitely inexpressible. She was a champion of all the we stand for as a Women's Caucus. The loss of such a fearsome force for equality and justice is felt not only for her work as an individual, but also for her place on a divided Supreme Court.

Impromptu vigil for RBG at the RI State House on 9/18

Senate Republicans have already threatened to fill her now vacant seat with a Trump pick, just 44 days away from the Presidential election. While this move is disrespectful to Justice Ginsburg, and extremely hypocritical in light of the treatment of Merrick Garland in 2016, it comes as no surprise that McConnell et al would act this way. It is their modus operandi. In light of all this, the repeated mantra that 2020 is the most important election of our lifetime reverberates more than ever. To ensure the legacy of Justice Ginsburg remains and grows, we must double our efforts.

  • Continue working to help elect our endorsed candidates. Protection of our rights at the local and state level is the best way to hold democracy in tact, no matter what happens at the national level. 

  • Help elect Democrats everywhere: donate; phone bank; text bank; write letters and postcards; follow, like and share on social media Democratic candidates in all races around the country

  • Keep showing up at the protests and events being held locally and nationally (if possible with your own health concerns). It makes a difference. If it didn't the other side wouldn't try so hard to stop these events from occurring.

In Rhode Island, we have two events coming right up: a vigil tonight at the RI Supreme Court to honor RBG and a protest tomorrow in Burnside Park, imploring our US Senators to fight like then never fought before over this Supreme Court seat. Details are below.  Through all of the tumult of 2020, remember that we have each other. This network we have built in the Women's Caucus and in Rhode Island progressive politics is what will help preserve the good works of Justice Ginsburg. It is what will help ensure the justice and equality that we have all been fighting for remains and grows, well into the future.


Tonight at 8pm (Sat, Sep 19) "Candlelight Vigil to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg"

Candlelight vigil to honor the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Please wear a mask and social distance. 8PM at the RI Supreme Court at 250 Benefit Street in Providence. Projection by the Women's Project at 830PM.


Tomorrow at 2pm (Sun, Sep 20) "Senate Supreme Court Confirmation: Shut It Down!"

On Sunday, Rhode Island is turning out to tell Senators Reed and Whitehouse that we are counting on them and their colleagues to throw sand in the gears of the attempted authoritarian takeover of the Republican minority government, and that we will be with them 100% when they do -- because the stakes have never been higher.


Please remember to wear your mask to all events! 

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