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Support the "Let RI Vote" Campaign

When Rhode Islanders were given choices about how to cast their ballot in 2020, they responded enthusiastically, by turning out to vote in record numbers for all three elections. That is a meaningful message. Clearly voters want options, and the power to choose the best way to cast their ballot: by mail, early in-person, or on Election Day. That is why the Women's Caucus has joined the Let RI Vote campaign, to make ballot access a reality for every Rhode Island voter.

What Is "Let RI Vote"?

Let RI Vote is the campaign to support legislation at the General Assembly that builds on the progress we made in 2020, modernizing our elections and protecting voting rights. As the late Congressman John Lewis proclaimed, “we are not going back, we are going forwards!” With Let RI Vote the Ocean State can be a leader in voting rights. Here are some of the exciting changes we support:

  • Providing voters with choices about how they cast their ballot, including a permanent mail ballot list, online mail ballot application, and elimination of the requirement for two witnesses or a notary public.

  • Expanded early voting with permanent weekend hours in all communities.

  • Same day voter registration that allows all eligible voters to participate in our democracy.

  • Improved voter roll maintenance and signature verification to secure our elections.

A Coalition of Support

The RI Democratic Women's Caucus is one of 27 groups supporting the Let RI Vote campaign. We must build power together to make these important changes a reality, and create a stronger, more inclusive democracy. Will you join us in the fight for voting rights?

Follow for Updates

Follow the Let RI Vote campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and calls to action!

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