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Statement from the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus Executive Committee

The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus Executive Committee is committed to the health and safety of all during the Covid19 global pandemic. As Democrats, we feel it is important that the leadership of the RI Democratic Party reflect this same commitment.

Although the RI Democratic Party reportedly hired Kate Coyne-McCoy to provide guidance and training to candidates, her recent actions have not established a positive path forward. Her Twitter comment was disrespectful, and her apology insufficient. This kind of dialogue and these kinds of values do not belong in the Democratic Party--or any party. We must demand more from all political leaders, especially our own party’s leadership.

Make no mistake: right-wing criticism of the post is in bad faith and hypocritical. The right must work against their own side’s efforts to bring actual violence and death in the country via insurrection, anti-vaxx conspiracies, and mask-mandate bans implemented against CDC health guidelines. We must also hold them accountable for this.

Given these circumstances, the Executive Committee of the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus calls for the resignation of Kate Coyne-McCoy from her position as Chief Strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic Party.

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