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Action Items to Take Right Now to Support Gayle Goldin for RI Senate President

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Senator Gayle Goldin is running for a top leadership position in the State Senate. We need to take action THIS WEEK to help make this happen.

Contact your Senator by phone, email, and social media, and tell them you support Gayle Goldin for Senate President. Have your neighbors, friends and family do so as well. You can find your state senator (or senate candidate's) information here.

(Read Women's Caucus Chair Liz Gledhill's letter calling for women to lead our State Legislature.)

Sample call script/email message: “Hello. I’m [your name], a constituent in your district. I’m worried about the effect this Covid-19 crisis has had on our State, especially for women. I want pro-choice, progressive top leadership in the State House, who will pass a justice budget and commit to leading with integrity. I urge you to support new top leadership in our State Legislature, and support Senator Gayle Goldin for Senate President.” Sample social media post. Post on your account and tag your state senator's/state senate candidate's account: I support Senator Gayle Goldin for Senate President. She will focus on economic recovery, guaranteed healthcare, common sense gun safety, & reproductive justice. Most importantly, she will restore integrity in the General Assembly.

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