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Seditious RI House Member Must Go - Call to Action

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Black and white drawing of the US Capitol Building

The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus Executive Committee issued the following press release (below) this morning, in light of news that RI Republican House Member Justin Price (R, District 39) admittedly took part in the disgraceful events in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. We are urging our members to do the following things in support of the effort to remove Price from office:



RI Democratic Women’s Caucus Calls for Expulsion of Seditious House Member Representative Price

[JANUARY 11th 2021, PROVIDENCE, RI] — The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus Executive Committee calls on Representative Justin Price (District 39) to resign immediately or be expelled from office because of his admitted participation in the attempted coup at the Capitol. Participants in Wednesday’s insurrection have been described as domestic terrorists by many prominent lawmakers, including President-Elect Biden. We cannot permit such a traitorous person to represent the good people of our state. Such a person is wholly unfit for public office, and District 39 deserves better.

Representative Price admits to enthusiastically attending the January 6 Washington DC event — an event where many of the participants wore or carried racist, anti-semitc, anti-democratic items such as shirts saying “Camp Auschwitz” and other pro-Nazi slogans, Confederate flags, and signs and shirts boasting of the subversion of the democratic process on January 6. These rioters stormed our Capitol on Wednesday in a failed attempt to disrupt the certification of a free and fair election. Marching alongside these people marks Price as an anti-American, anti-democracy seditionist. As the FBI investigates the death and destruction the terrorists left in their wake, we hope that Price is held accountable for any role he may have played during this dark moment in our nation’s history.

A true American patriot upholds and honors the laws and integrity of our country and Constitution. The only honorable course of action left for Price to take is to immediately resign from office. Unfortunately, instead of admitting to the deep wrongs he was a part of, he has opted to peddle debunked conspiracy theories to defend his actions. This leads us to believe that honor is no longer a virtue this Representative is capable of possessing. That is why we are calling on Speaker Shekarchi and the members of the House to expel Mr Price from office.

January 20, 2021 marks the day that the United States will finally be rid of the most disgraceful president in history. Now is the time for the Rhode Island House of Representatives to get rid of its own disgraceful, seditious members. Justin Price should resign immediately, or he should be removed from his position and banned from ever holding public office again.


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