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Rhode Island Democratic Women's Caucus 2020 Candidate Endorsements

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Announcing the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus 2020 Endorsed Candidates

At a special event held online tonight, July 30, we announced the candidates we are so proud to endorse for the upcoming election. Today was also Civil Rights icon John Lewis’s funeral. His quote about getting into “good trouble” was referenced often.

One of our greatest strengths as a Caucus is our numbers. There are hundreds of us. If we all took actions steps to help these candidates into office, what good trouble we could all get up to together. 

Here is what you can do:

  • Volunteer — phone banking, text banking, lit drops (dropping off door hangs, palm cards and other candidate literature), and canvassing (from a social distance)

  • Donate — large and small dollar donors add up and make a big difference

  • Follow, like, and share all these candidates on social media

On behalf of the Caucus, congratulations to our endorsed candidates. Here’s to your successful campaigns!

Our Official 2020 Endorsement Announcement

The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus sent out the following press release tonight, at the conclusion of our special event tonight. We are so excited and honored to support such an impressive list of women.


[JULY 30, 2020, PROVIDENCE, RI] — The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus is excited to announce our list of endorsed Democratic women for the upcoming election cycle. These 55 women bring an unprecedented level of talent and perspective to their respective races and closely align with the tenets of the Democratic platform. They are committed to elevating women to places of power and to amplifying marginalized voices from all corners of our state. We could not be more proud to offer them our support.

The Women’s Caucus saw a record number of candidates apply for support this year, with 90 candidates seeking Caucus endorsement. Our diverse pool of supported candidates includes mothers, teachers, women of color, members of the LQBTQ+ community, business owners, single parents, and so much more. Each of these women have their own unique lived experience that qualifies them to represent the people of their community with empathy and pride. 

In what will likely be the most important election of our lifetime, Rhode Island is fortunate to have candidates who offer such passion, experience, and knowledge, and who are ready to serve their communities. Each of our supported candidates has the ability to improve the life of Rhode Islanders. We encourage everyone to learn more about their campaigns and learn how these candidates can be supported. 

Additionally, for the first time, the Women’s Caucus invited men to apply. We wanted the opportunity to identify for our members those male candidates who most closely align with our platform. Though we will not be endorsing male candidates, we will be identifying and recommending support. The list of supported male candidates will be released at a later date. 

Please join me in supporting the following women:


  • Alana DiMario — State Senate District 36

  • Cynthia Mendes — State Senate District 18

  • Jeanine Calkin — State Senate District 30

  • Jennifer C Douglas — State Senate District 34

  • Jennifer Rourke — State Senate District 29

  • Kendra Anderson — State Senate District 31

  • Meghan E Kallman — State Senate District 15

  • Melanie DuPont — State Senate- District 22

  • Tiara Mack — State Senate District 6

  • Bridget Valverde — State Senate District 35

  • Susan Sosnowski — State Senate District 37

  • Gayle Goldin — State Senate District 3

  • Dawn Euer -State Senator District 13


  • Brianna Henries — State Representative District 64

  • Leonela Felix — State Representative District 61

  • Megan Cotter — State Representative District 39

  • Melinda Lopez — State Representative District 43

  • Michelle McGaw — State Representative District 71

  • Deborah Ruggiero — State Representative District 74

  • June Speakman — State Representative District 68

  • Kathleen Fogarty — State Representative District 35

  • Lauren H Carson — State Representative District 75

  • Susan Donovan — State Representative District 69

  • Teresa Tanzi — State Representative District 34

  • Terri Cortvriend — State Representative District 72

  • Anastasia P. Williams — State Representative District 9

  • Edith H Ajello — State Representative District 1

  • Liana Cassar — State Representative District 66

  • Rebecca Kislak — State Representative District 4


  • Maria Bucci — Mayor of Cranston

  • L. Maria Rivera — Mayor Central Falls

  • Carlene Fonseca — City Council At-Large — Central Falls

  • Glendaliz Colon — City Council At-Large — Central Falls

  • Tatiana Baena — City Council At-Large — Central Falls

  • Tarshire Battle — City Council At-Large — Pawtucket

  • Agi F. Gai-Kah — City Council At-Large — Pawtucket

  • Jessica Vega — City Council — Central Falls, Ward 5

  • Lammis J. Vargas — City Council — Cranston Ward 1

  • Aniece Germain — City Council — Cranston Ward 2

  • Marlena Martins Stachowiak — City Council — Pawtucket Ward 6

  • Crisolita Figueiredo — City Council — Pawtucket Ward 1

  • Alexis Schuette — City Council — Pawtucket Ward 4

  • Janie Seguí Rodríguez — City Council — Pawtucket Ward 5

  • Marlene Guay — City Council — Woonsocket

  • Annelise Conway — Town Council — Barrington

  • Katherine Anderson — Town Council — North Kingstown

  • Kimberly Ann Page — Town Council — North Kingstown

  • Anna Cimini — Town Council — Scituate

  • Linda Ujifusa — Town Council — Portsmouth

  • Lauren Cacciola — Town Council — Richmond

  • Deborah Kelso — Town Council — South Kingstown

  • Jess Rose — Town Council — South Kingstown

  • Melissa A. Boyd — School Committee — South Kingstown

  • Stephanie Canter — School Committee — South Kingstown

  • Jenni Azanero — School Committee East Providence Ward 3

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