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RI Democratic Women’s Caucus Accepting Applications for Endorsements

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus is now accepting application from 2020 candidates who seek an endorsement from the Caucus. Interested candidates must complete a questionnaire.

The form is online at Applications are due by July 9.

Application responses will be reviewed by the Candidate Endorsement Subcommittee of the RIDWC. The Endorsement subcommitee will make recommendations to the participating Executive Committee (only Executive Committee members who are not seeking an endorsement can participate in this process) regarding which candidates the Caucus will support. The participating Executive Committee members will meet in late July to determine which candidates the Caucus will officially endorse. An announcement will be made via press release indicating the candidates the Caucus endorses.

In keeping with the RIDWC mission, the Caucus will only give official endorsements to women or femme-identified people. However, candidates of any and all gender identities are encouraged to complete the questionnaire. The Caucus will have unofficial recommendations regarding those candidates who cannot qualify for an official endorsement, but who are allies who support the Caucus mission.

Candidates seeking Women’s Caucus support during this election cycle must be members of the Caucus. (This includes associate members who do not qualify for an official endorsement.)

Applications are online at

Inquiries can be emailed to


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